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Nothing is as frustrating as being stranded on the side of the road because you need a Santa Ana flat tire fix, battery jump start, or emergency towing, whether you are doing your day to day business or taking a well earned vacation.  A Santa Ana car lockout can be just as distressing.  At times like these, you need someone who is an integral part of the community. Towing Fighters team, and our team of affiliated technicians, is Licensed and Bonded, has an Honest Pricing policy, and has years of experience when it comes to roadside assistance for a Santa Ana battery jump start, or a flat tire fix.  Our Towing Santa Ana roadside services can save you hundreds of dollars you might otherwise spend on emergency towing.  But if your situation requires Santa Ana emergency towing, road assistance or car lockout resolution, you want someone who you can trust to be fair and honest.

Emergency Towing Assistance

You know it can happen anywhere.Roadside assistance is important, yet emergencies can happen in a parking lot or driveway.  Wherever you need us, Towing Fighters will be there.  Car lockout and late for work?  Call us.  In the grocery store parking lot with melting ice cream?  Call us.  In the driveway with an infant inside?  You need help in a hurry.  Our 24/7 dispatch service will get Towing Fighters to you fast.  Need a battery jumpstart in the blistering heat or in a winter storm?  We will be there.  Lost your car key?  Don’t know who has the spare?    Car locked inside the trunk?  Call us.  A tire can go flat anywhere.  Call Towing Fighters for the flat tire fix at home or at work.

Emergencies Can Happen Anytime

Flat tire fix, emergency auto towing at home or as roadside assistance are not things you plan.  Lost or damaged jumper cables or not having another car available to give you a battery jumpstart can cause hours of delays and frustration.  So can a missing tire jack when you need a flat tire fix.  And who wants to change a tire when you’re in your dress clothes or high heels?

Here Are Some of the Services we Offer:

Towing Fighters for Non-Emergency Needs As Well

Need to get that car to the paint shop, get a jeep to your son in college, or need to move a vehicle for other reasons?  Auto towing will save you time.  Call Towing Fighters for our auto towing services.

Call—we’ll give you an honest price for all your auto towing, emergency towing, roadside assistance, car lockout, flat tire and battery jump start needs.

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