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Santa Ana Drivers, Be Aware of These Top Towing Risks

There are certain situations in life when we do our towing by ourselves (RV trips, for example). If you need to have your vehicle towed, and you’re about to do it by yourself, you should be aware of these top towing risks.
Make sure you’re using proper and suitable towing equipment. You should also make sure this equipment is in good working order and that it’s safe to use.

Take care of how you’re driving

When towing a vehicle you should take extra care while speeding up, slowing down, and turning (keep in mind you should take wider turns than usual).
Before going on the ride make sure tire pressure is as it’s supposed to be so you won’t run into any trouble caused by insufficient air pressure.
You should also watch your towed vehicle’s load and its weight. Avoid overloading it and arranging your load in an unbalanced manner. This can cause serious trouble while on the road.
Make sure that the towed vehicle has no one in it.
Take extra care if you notice your towed vehicle is swaying. This can lead to serious and dangerous trouble.