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How to Jump Start Your Battery

How to jump start your battery

In this short step-by-step video you may learn how to jump start your battery by yourself.

Well, it has finally come to that. It’s just you against your dead battery. Mano a mano. Or, mano a battery, actually.
The good news is that in most cases you can resolve the situation on your own with common enough equipment.
All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps:

(1) With just a little help from my friends –

get someone with a running car to give you a hand. Once you have an operable car close by open each of the cars’ hoods and locate the battery. Spot the positive (‘+’) and negative (‘-‘) terminals on each battery.

(2) Close contact –

Park the running car near your disabled car, but make sure the two cars don’t touch one another. Suit up with safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, and the like.

(3) It’s cable time –

get your jumper cables, connect a red clamp to the plus (‘+’) terminal of the dead battery and the other red clip to the plus (‘+’) terminal of the good battery. Next, connect a black clamp to the minus (‘-‘) terminal of the good battery. Take the other black clamp, and connect it to any piece of metal on the dead car.

(4) Go time –

now, start the good car and let it run for a few minutes so its battery will be fully charged. Then, try starting the dead car. If it doesn’t start try readjusting the clips in order to secure a better connection and try starting it again.

(5) All set –

once your car starts, remove the jumper cables and put them back in their place, keep the engine running for at least 20 minutes and you’re all set!
Then again, if you’re not sure you’re up for the job, or if you can’t find another car or jumper cables, the most sensible thing to do is simply contact us and leave your worries behind.

Drive safe everyone!